Health Benefits of Lemon

Health Benefits of Lemon

The lemon is a round, vibrant fruit from the flowering plant family Rutaceae.

Its scientific name is Citrus lemon, and it's local to North-Eastern India. This dazzling yellow citrus natural product has a particular sour taste because of its wealth in citrus extract. The lemon's remarkable flavor makes it a famous fixing in beverages, pastries, and feasts. Practically all parts a lemon can be utilized in cooking and cleaning.

Lemons are an excellent source of:

  • Vitamin C 
  • Dietary fiber
  • Citric acid
  • Iron

Citrus fruits like

Lemons contain about 50 mg of Vitamin C, which is over half the amount of Vitamin C needed in your daily diet.

Lemons contain vitamin C, a primary antioxidant that helps protect cells from damaging free radicals. Along with boosting immunity, this burst of Vitamin C can reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease with regular consumption.

On top of that, vitamin C also plays a role in helping your body synthesizes collagen, absorb iron, and produce hormones.

A glass of lemon water containing one 48 gram lemon, squeezed, 

Contains: Trusted Source

  • 10.6 calories
  • 18.6 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C, or 21% of the Daily value (Daily Value)
  • 9.6 micrograms (mcg) of folate, or 2% of the Daily Value
  • 49.4 mg of potassium, or 1% of the Daily Value
  • 0.038 mg of iron, or < 1% of the Daily Value
  • 0.01 mg of vitamin B-1, or 1% of the Daily Value
  • 0.01 mg of vitamin B-2, or 1% of the Daily Value
  • 0.06 mg of vitamin B-5, or 1% of the Daily Value

 Health and Lemons.

Lemons contain about 50 mg of Vitamin C, which is over half the amount of Vitamin C needed in your daily diet. Along with boosting immunity, this burst of Vitamin C can reduce your risk of stroke and heart disease with regular consumption.

Lemon also contains a high level of dietary fiber, which can reduce risk factors for heart disease by lowering LDL or bad cholesterol. A surplus of cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries within the heart. Lemon contains high amounts of dietary fiber. Fiber, especially soluble fiber, can help reduce constipation and a variety of other gastrointestinal issues and discomfort. While lemon doesn’t contain extremely high iron levels, it can help your body absorb more iron from plant-based foods in your diet. Maintaining proper iron levels helps prevent anemia, which is a lower than average number of red blood cells, often as a result of iron-deficiency. Lemons get their sour taste from their abundance of citric acid. Some studies show that citric acid may help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

The citric acid in lemons may help prevent kidney stones. Citrate, a component of citric acid, paradoxically makes urine less acidic and may even break up small stones. Lemon juice contains citric acid, however large amounts may be needed to increase your urine’s pH.

The National Kidney Foundation suggests mixing 4 oz of lemon juice concentrate with water as a complementary dietary remedy alongside other medication for kidney stone prevention.

Weight Management

Drinking lemon water may help you increase your water intake, which is often as a weight-loss strategy. However, there’s limited evidence to justify this.

In a 2018 study, researchers found that participants who were instructed to drink water before eating a test meal ate less food than when they were instructed to eat the test meal without “pre-loading” with water.

When participants drank water before eating a test meal, they did not feel significantly less satiated, despite eating less food.

The study’s authors found that pre-meal intake of lemon water appeared to promote digestion and peristalsis, or the wave-like contractions that help move food through the digestive tract. The pectin fiber found in lemons expands once it is ingested, making you feel full sooner and longer. However, more large-scale studies are needed to fully understand the effects of lemon water on digestion.

Lemon water is often advertised as an effective tool in weight loss and weight management.