How it Works

A step by step detailed description on Registration, Posting, Earnings and Payments is available here: Registration & Posting Guide

Demoxia is the New Social Media Press website. Basically, it combines social media and news media functions on the same platform. It rewards its users and contributors for everything they post online.

It is the right place for freelance writers, online writing jobs seekers, online content creators, academic, essay and story writers who want to get paid for their labour. Instead of purposelessly wasting time on conventional social media, you can write, publish, post whatever you want here on Demoxia and get paid for every view of your posts!

What You Can Do with Demoxia?

You can, of course, just come over to Demoxia to enjoy an enormous variety of content whenever you like. But there is much more to be done: You can join Demoxia, become a content creator and get paid for every view of all your posts!

How Can You Join and Start Earning?

Step-1: Sign up and become a member. Complete your profile nicely.

Step-2: Create and send out your first post.

Step-3: You will then be approved as an author and reward system will start to work.

What Can I Post?

Basically, just anything you post on the social media! But of course, instead of posting your cat's photo, perhaps you can be more creative. You can post:

-News that you find important

-Short/long articles about any topic

-Pictures and images that could be interesting

-Graphic designs, artworks, animations

-Short/long videos that could get attention

-Songs, music pieces and recordings that can attract audience

-Quizzes and polls about any topic

How Does The Reward System Work?

Demoxia author reward systems allows authors and content creators to earn money by the number of page views of their posts. With your first post, the reward system will start to count every unique page views for all your posts and your earnings will be calculated automatically by the system. When a minimum payment threshold has been reached, your earnings will be transferred to the account you have provided us. Minimum payment threshold is $20.00 (twenty US Dollars).

How Much Can I Earn?

We pay the highest amount compare to industry standards!
As of 1 October 2022, Demoxia author reward system pays $1.00 (One US Dollar) for 1000 unique post views! Also, we will add $1 as a welcome bonus with your first post. So in the very beginning, your balance will start with $1.00 and 1000 views and it will add up from there.
In a world where Youtube pays around $0.80 for 1000 views, Demoxia author reward system stands out, not only in terms of higher payment but also with a much less hassle-free experience.

To maximize your earnings, keep posting regularly, increase your followers and post quality content. In time, when you have lots of interesting posts and a descent amount of followers, your posts will just generate income 24/7 nonstop!

How Do I Get The Payment?

As you know, sending/receiving money transfers is hard and expensive. Therefore, we will use crypto payment system to transfer the earnings. You must provide us a Crypto USDT account. You can open an account on one of the crypto exchanges or download a free Meta Mask Wallet to be able to receive the USDT payment.

What Are The Restrictions On Posting?

For a long-lasting success and your good reputation, you should keep away from any illegal and unethical practice!

First of all, empty posts or posts with just one short sentence will not be approved. You must have at least one paragraph of content.

-Don't post any illegal content

-Don't post discriminating content

-Don't post fake, misleading content

-Don't post content that could harm others, especially children

-Don't post content motivating hate speech and violence

You should also keep away from using any fake methods to increase the views of your posts.

Please note that, if any of the above motives are detected in your posts, your account shall be suspended and your author status will be removed.

A step by step detailed description on Registration, Posting, Earnings and Payments is available here: First Time User How-to Guide

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