Registration & Posting Guide

Happy to see you in Demoxia!
Let us walk you step by step through the Registration, Posting, Earnings and Payments procedure on Demoxia.


Step-01: Click on the menu lines on upper left corner.

Step-02: In the opening dropdown menu click on Register.

Step-03: In the opening registration form, add username, email, password, confirm password. Your username should not have symbols (like @ or #) and also don't use numbers in your username.

Check Terms and Conditions box and click on Register.

Step-05: After registration, you will be directed to Settings. Here you can add more information to your profile.

Social Accounts: You can add your other social media accounts like facebook, twitter and instagram here so that your readers can easily find you on social media.
Preferences: You can choose to display or hide your email address here.
Select Image: You can add a profile image here. We strongly suggest that you add a profile image. Otherwise your profile will not be considered seriously.
Slug: A short sentence you want to say.
About Me: Here you should add a one paragraph biography about yourself; who you are, what you do and so on. Don't leave this section empty.
Click Save Changes after you have added the above.
Registration is now completed.



Step-06: Now click on the menu lines on upper left corner again.

Step-07: In the opening dropdown menu click on Add Post.

Step-08: You will now be directed to Choose A Format page. Choose the appropriate post format for your post. Let's choose Article for this example post.

Step-09: Now you are in Add Article page. This is where you will add all details of your post.


Title: The title you want to use for your post. Let's say; Example Post...
Slug: You can add a short sentence or leave it empty.
Summary & Description (Meta Tag): You can add a sort description or leave it empty.
Keywords (Meta Tag): You can add keywords or leave it empty.
Show Right Column: Leave it as it is.
Show Only to Registered Users: Uncheck it so everybody can see your posts.
Tags: You can add a few keywords as tags. Just add the keyword and click enter, nothing else.
Optional URL: Leave it empty.
Content: This is the area you will add the main post content in the text editor.

Add Image (On the top of text editor): Don't use this unless you need to add images inside your text.  Add images by using the Main post image, which is explained below.

Image (Main Post Image): Add an image to your post from your desktop or device. After uploading, click on image and then click on Select Image below the page.

Add Image Url: Leave it empty.
Image Description: As an option, you can add a short description. It will appear under the image, like this: A nice beach in Greece...
Additional Images: As an option, you can add more images to your post.
Files: As an option, you can also add files (pdf, docx etc) to your post.
Category Section: Choose appropriate options for your post.

Language: English is default language for the moment.
Category: Choose a category from dropdown menu. Let's say: Lifestyle.
Subcategory: You can choose a subcategory if there is any, otherwise leave it empty.
Publish Section: Click on Submit to post it now. If you want to post it later, check the empty box and set a date. If you want to save it as a draft click on Save as Draft.
After clicking submit, you will see a popup "item successfully added".

Congratulations, now you have added your post.

What happens next? Your post will be added to Pending Posts. An editor will review it, it everything is fine, shortly after your post will appear on the website. It will look something like this:


Step-10: The reward system will start with publishing of your first post.

Step-11: As we have promised, you get paid $1 (one US Dollar) for 1000 post views.

Step-12: To see your earnings, go to your profile and click on Earnings.


Step-13: In the dropdown menu you will see total views and earnings for all your posts.


Step-14: The minimum payment threshold is $20 (twenty US Dollars). So when all your earnings reach the threshold, you are eligible to get the payment.

Step-15: When your earnings hit the threshold, we will ask you to provide us a USDT Crypto address.
If you already don't have it, you can download a free Metamask Wallet, or open an account in one of the crypto exchanges. A USDT crypto address is something like this: 0x408F54Ae6c51E67BCfE86E34389ea3cE9588Bd51
Important: You should provide us a valid and correct address. Otherwise your earnings could go to wrong address and cannot be claimed back!

Step-16: When we receive your USDT address, we will transfer your earnings right away. You can track all the transactions in the Earnings section of your profile.


If you have any questions or need assistance, please write us at: