The Further Historicity of Jesus: Interview with Dr. Richard Carrier (Did Jesus exist?)

My 2nd Richard Carrier interview, the response from the 1st was so overwhelming, including from Christian Fundamentalists and Apologists and their apologetics, that we had to talk again on the historicity of Jesus, the historicity of the gospels, and mythicism, and so Dr Richard Carrier and I talked again in earlier this year about the historicity of Jesus, and the mythology, and the development of Christianity. Asking questions such as was there collaboration between the gospel writers, does the Vatican have any secrets, and what happened to Jesus growing up?


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0:00 Introduction

1:34 The Vatican Archives

3:42 Did Tacitus copy Pliny? How did Tacitus know about Christians if Pliny did not?

7:17 So is there a bible in its pure form? Egerton Gospel, the Frist Edition of the New Testament

14:57 The oldest complete bibles: Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus

18:43 When was Jesus first mentioned?

25:17 Josephus and his influence on Gospels

28:34 Why are Jews writing prophecies of a Jesus?

35:07 Who else was resurrected in the bible

40:00 Was Mary Magdalene written out of John, and papyrus 66

43:09 Where are the stories of Jesus growing up?

47:58 What is the real ending of the Gospel of Mark?

51:56 Was Matthew only appealing to Jews, and the decline of Jewish conversion?

56:44 Did the gospel writers collaborate?

1:02:40 When Paul said he was writing to the “Church” who was he writing to?

1:06:10 Do smarter people believe in Christianity?

1:11:42 How did Christianity affect science?

1:20:44 The next interview and thanks