Ex-Google Officer Finally Speaks Out On The Dangers Of AI!

0:00 Intro

02:54 Why is this podcast important?

04:09 What's your background & your first experience with AI?

08:43 AI is alive and has more emotions than you

11:45 What is artificial intelligence?

20:53 No one's best interest is the same, doesn't this make AI dangerous?

24:47 How smart really is AI?

27:07 AI being creative

29:07 AI replacing Drake

31:53 The people that should be leading this

34:09 What will happen to everyone's jobs?

46:06 Synthesising voices

47:35 AI sex robots

50:22 Will AI fix loneliness?

52:44 AI actually isn't the threat to humanity

56:25 We're in an Oppenheimer moment

01:03:18 We can just turn it off...right?

01:04:23 The security risks

01:07:58 The possible outcomes of AI

01:18:25 Humans are selfish and that's our problem

01:23:25 This is beyond an emergency

01:25:20 What should we be doing to solve this?

01:36:36 What it means bringing children into this world

01:42:11 Your overall prediction

01:50:34 The last guest's question


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