Demoxia is a non-profit website that puts together global news and articles. Basically, it combines social media and news media functions on the same platform. It also rewards its users and content creators for everything they do. In this sense, it is a unique website of its own kind.

You probably first time came across the term "New Social Media Press." So let us briefly explain it. With the spread of new technologies, nowadays anybody with a mobile device and internet connection is a journalist, author, photographer, creator and so on. The "Press" as we knew it, is step by step being replaced with this new wave of content providers/creators. So we use the "New Social Media Press" term to describe the newly emerging people's media.

So we have decided to provide a new platform to the peoples of the world; a new press platform by the people, for the people. As a community media initiative, Demoxia will express voices, opinions and all creations of the people from around the world.

Join Demoxia as an author/creator and become part of this global family!