What is Jewish Mysticism? (Kabbalah)

We continue our series on mysticism by exploring Judaism and its mystical tradition, including the famous Kabbalah but also going beyond it.


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0:00 Intro

1:38 What is Mysticism?

3:59 Mysticism in the Biblical Prophets

6:00 Apocalypticism and Early Jewish Philosophy

7:15 Merkavah & Hekhalot Mysticism (ESOTERICA)

18:11 The Sefer Yetzirah & Sefer Ha-Bahir

23:05 The Origins of Kabbalah

26:34 What is Kabbalah?

28:19 Abulafia & Prophetic/Ecstatic Kabbalah

32:06 Early Kabbalistic Circles & The Zohar

35:47 Theosophical Kabbalah

43:59 Safed, Moshe Cordovero & Imitatio Dei

47:13 Isaac Luria & Lurianic Kabbalah

50:40 Multiple kinds of Kabbalah & Jewish Mysticism

53:14 Hasidism (Seekers of Unity)

1:02:37 Modern Developments

1:04:07 Unio mystica

1:07:54 Jewish Mysticism today & Conclusions




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