The Counter-Culture, Lawless Muslim Mystics Who Drank Wine? | The Qalandariyya

In this episode, we explore the fascinating and controversial Qalandariyya and similar movements like the Haydais & Shams-i Tabrizis. We also dive into the historical development of this movement, from the early Malamatis to the extreme ascetic dervishes in the Ottoman empire.



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Sources/Recomended Reading:


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0:00 Intro

1:53 The Nafs (Ego) in Islamic Mysticism

3:40 The Malamatiyya (People of Blame)

8:57 The birth of the Qalandari movement

11:22 Jamal al-din Savi

12:04 Extreme Asceticism & Antinomianism

16:30 "Die before you die"

17:41 The Principle of Wandering & 'Araqi

19:39 Qalandariyya in Sufi poetry

23:22 Dervish Groups in the Ottoman Empire

26:27 Conclusions



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