What is Sufism?

Embark on an intellectual journey into the realm of Sufism. Explore the intricate history, philosophical underpinnings, and mystical practices that have shaped this fascinating tradition. Join me as we delve into the topic of Sufi mysticism, shedding light on its profound impact on Islam & its history.


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0:00 Intro

4:27 What does "sufi" mean?

5:37 The Earliest Sufis

8:20 Basic sufi teachings and practices

12:49 Dhikr & Sama´

17:41 Fana (& Baqa)

20:06 Systematization & Sufi manuals

22:33 The Sufi Orders

28:11 Sufi poetry & music

32:31 Sufi "Philosophy" (Metaphysics)

38:49 Intuitive/Mystical Knowledge (Ma'arifa/Dhawq, Kashf)

40:40 Sufi saints (awliya) & Insan al-Kamil

43:01 Post-Medieval developments

44:44 Sufism, Politics & Dispelling misconceptions

47:25 Sufism today & in the west

52:43 Conclusions



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